We work with multiple partners to leverage our capabilities

Empowering additional industry, technical and transformation expertise

A Wide Range Of Partners

Individual professionals, similar organisations to ourselves or large multi-nationals

Selling Together

Bringing complementary capabilities and expertise to solve a client's problem


We collaborate with several professionals to provide unique sector specific solutions. For example,in travel we work with Celia Dahl to engage her sector with our Travelytic tool

Management Consultants

We work with several consultancies to ensure that our digital solutions and tools are adopted and create value. For example we are working with a multi-national consultancy to augment their people and process expertise with digital tools

Building Together

Although we have broad capabilities, we willingly work with other experts to create better, more useful digital tools.

Designing & developing end to end solutions that draw on all of our capabilities.

For example we have partnered with Unilever and Mastercard in Africa to create a complete order management and micro-credit solution for 40,000 retailers

Building unique tools from partners’ ‘analogue’ IP.

For example we are working with Pedro Ferro to digitise and augment an approach to True Profitability and Complexity

Piloting new solutions with clients

For example, we have worked with one client to create, deliver and roll out an Active Margin Management solution, whilst working 100% remotely. Every interaction has been by email/video!

Learning Together

In a knowledge economy learning with partners is key

Upskilling colleagues and associates in new techniques
Developing Centres of Analytics and Digital Excellence (CADE) to accelerate learning and focus the business on impact

Consulting & Delivery Partners

Technology & Sector Partners

Joint Ventures